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Litter announcements

Goal:  To better the breed

Beckham and Ziva's puppies are arriving today, July 10, 2023.  So far 3 males and 5 females.  Email for more info!

An ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, July 14th for another of my girls.  Fingers and paws are crossed!

Show prospects as well as pets and performance dogs expected

Email to be placed on the waiting list!

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Litters at Roc Haven are thoughtfully bred in order to enhance and better the breed.   Health tests are passed before a breeding occurs, which is more than a general checkup at the veterinarian.  Puppies are raised under the Puppy Culture theories, with attention to each puppy and their development and cognitive skills to produce confident and curious members of your families.  Some years there are no litters, some years there may be two or three.

​Please email to request our Puppy QuestionnAIRE, which begins the process of bringing your new puppy home.  I reserve the right to approve or decline placement based on several factors, such as lifestyle, methods, theories and goals.  This is to ensure the best life for the puppy, which I take as my ultimate responsibility.  

All puppies are sold with Limited AKC registration unless otherwise agreed upon.

Please indicate if you are interested in a show prospect, performance prospect or a family duty dog.

You must agree and certify by signing the written contract that if, for any reason, at any time, you are not able to care for a Roc Haven Airedale, that the dog must be returned to Roc Haven to effectuate placement in an approved home.  No Roc Haven dog should ever be surrendered to a shelter, sold or otherwise given away under any circumstance.  This is to ensure the lifelong well-being of Roc Haven Airedales.

Interested?  Please email to receive a Puppy QuestionnAIRE and begin the process.

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