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My dad and a puppy, 2014.  I carry on his compassion for animals.

Our Story: About Us

Our Story

Begins many years ago

My introduction to the Airedale Terrier came in 1974 when, for my 11th birthday, my dream was realized in that of a puppy I named Mandy. My father had an Airedale as a young boy back in the roaring 20’s and the dog named Boy had stayed vibrant in his mind for many years to come and was ultimately the breed he chose for my first dog.

My second Airedale, named Beauregard, came a few years later. In 1985, after purchasing our first home, my husband and I brought home our first dog as a couple, an Airedale we named Rocco Bleu. Rocco also welcomed our daughter, and was a constant companion and protector.

Two Boxers, a Collie, and a Cocker spaniel came in the following years, and a move to an acreage in the country enabled me to follow my passion of raising conformationally correct Airedales with a personal emphasis on outstanding temperament.

In 2010 I contacted a much accomplished breeder, Janet Framke, of Stone Ridge Airedales, after studying her web site and being introduced to a Stone Ridge girl named Pippa. After speaking with Janet, the inspiration to further my education and participation in the breed began and I brought home my first “show prospect”, Paxston.

Paxston and I attended conformation handling classes to prepare both of us for the day she would enter the show ring in furtherance of her conformation title as well as several layers of puppy obedience, ultimately achieving her AKC Canine Good Citizen award.

I met wonderful people through this experience, one of whom offered me an opportunity I will be forever grateful for, allowing one of Pippa’s boys to be part of our family. Jayden was born and, at three weeks, “chose” me while I would visit the handler where Paxston stayed and the puppies were born.

It was with Jayden that I went to many shows around the country, observing, asking questions, and learning about Airedales, and dogs in general. To watch Jayden mature both in stature and personality was a very rewarding experience.

Then came Paxston’s first litter, 10 puppies by Ch. Reydaleterrydale Dare Devil, also known as Colin. I watched, listened and was educated by Paxston’s instinct with her puppies through affection and discipline. This experience was fundamental in the methods and techniques I use when training puppies and dogs, communicating in their language and ours both verbally and in action. Paxston is my “right hand” when training puppies and dogs. Without her perception and instincts, our success stories would have been harder to achieve.

My goal is to raise Airedales who will go forth into the world as great ambassadors of the breed exhibiting stability and balance in various environments with poise and confidence. I have found many unwanted behaviors can be thwarted early on with attentive correction and praise and encouraging wanted behaviors through treats and praise.

I hope you find our site informational, encouraging and entertaining. Thank you for visiting.

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